A visual feast and a treasury of exquisite recipes.

The Garden Table

The Garden Table

Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

by Kees Hageman

Elisabeth DeLestrieux

Jan Lagrouw

Food and fresh air are natural companions, and this union is joyfully celebrated in The Garden Table, a pictorial account of the garden as dining room. Set in a relaxed and rambling country garden, the story begins with the chill remnants of winter and continues though all the exuberance of the ripening seasons to close with the fading glow of autumn. Breathtaking landscapes and luscious flower portraits and still lifes chronicle the garden thoughout the year. From the subtleties of a white garden to the happy abandon of a field of flaming poppies to a romantic garden gate festooned with roses, the rich photographs capture the joy of entertaining outdoors.

The seasons and the lush garden setting inspired the food, which glories in the generosity of the evolving year with such recipes and Tagliatelle with Potatoes and Truffles, Mushroom Caps Filled with Wild Asparagus, Crepes with Summer Fruit , and Mussels in Herb Butter.

141 pages

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