Untitled Document Name: Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Zone: 4-11

Soil: Well drained

Exposure: Full Sun

Bloom Time and Color: Blue flowers in late spring to mid summer.

Description: Sage is a dense, upright bush about 2-3 feet in height. The plant is grown for its aromatic leaves, which are used as seasoning. Garden Sage, as some call it is both a culinary and ornamental delight. Sharing its color for three to four weeks in early spring, it is one of the prettiest of all Salvias. The flowers can be used as a garnish or as an addition to fresh bouquets. Sage is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.

Care: This sage needs to be replaced every 3-4 years, as it will become either too woody for adequate production or dying out completely. It may help to cut back the plant when it is done blooming.

Harvesting: Sages are best when used fresh, but they can be dried. For drying large amounts, let the plant grow back after pruning. Cut the stems as long as possible without cutting into old wood. Hang in bunches in a dark, dry, clean area. Sage is used in stuffing, pork, sausage, cheese, soups, and vinegars. The dried sage can also be used to make wreaths or dried flower arrangements.

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