Jade Plant

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Name: Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Crassula argentea

Bloom Time and Color: Blooming is triggered by the natural shortening of the days. Its flowers are white and will bloom around October.

Soil: Well drained soil mixed equally with sand, and a scoop of bone meal added is best.

Exposure: Best grown in very bright sunlight with low humidity.

Description: The Jade Plant is incredibly easy to grow. This plant is a very popular house plant. It is a succulent plant, in that they have the ability to store water in its leaves, stems, and roots. Jade plants will grow well outside as patio plants during the summer, but remember to bring them indoors before the first frosts.

Care: They should be repotted every two to three years. Water liberally, approximately once per week but allow for slight drying between watering. Remove any excess water from pot saucer. Keep plant dry during the winter months.

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