Chameleon Plant

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Name: Chameleon Plant

Botanical Name: Houttuynia cordata

Zone: 5-9

Soil: wet conditions

Exposure: Sun to Part Shade

Bloom Time and Color: White or Near White blooms in Late spring or early

Description: Chameleon Plant is a striking ground cover with it's chartreuse, cream, and magenta heart shaped leaves. This great colored foliage is followed in late spring or early summer with inconspicuous flowers of four bracts and small central cone. It is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and is great in containers, bog gardens and mass plantings as long as it is kept moderately wet. Chameleon Plant spreads by underground rhizomes and will usually disapear in the winter, but it will return in the spring. Can be invasive.

Care: Do not overwater, do not let dry out between waterings. Very high moisture needs.

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